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Ministry    change account type

 Serves as the account title that members see at the login page.

 Church name, University name, etc. (optional)

 University name, Foundation name, School name, etc. (optional)

 University name, School name, Organization name, etc. (optional)

Create your account's unique web address. This is where everybody, members and administrators, will login. Short and memorable addresses work best.

 Letters, numbers, and dashes only.

When the people in your ministry sign-up, they'll fill in basic contact info (name, email, phone) to create a profile. Below you can specify other details you want to gather from them. Select any fields that sound relevant to your ministry's social atmosphere or to your own management objectives.

Simple Fields

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Detailed Fields
I want members to share about their...
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Specify who can sign-up to join this account. Do you want your online community to be open to any visitor or is it restricted to just people in your ministry? We give you a few configurations that provide varying levels of privacy.

 (Privacy: Medium)

Allows anyone to sign-up just by visiting the account's web address. This is ideal for a large organization whereby it's difficult to know every member involved at any particular time.

Note: You can always delete member profiles of people who don't belong in the account.

 (Privacy: High)  *Most Popular*

Specify a secret word (a password) that someone must enter before getting access to your account's member sign-up form. You could tell the secret word to your ministry at weekly gatherings or email it to people individually. It's up to you to decide how to securely communicate it.

Note: You can change the secret word periodically.

 (Privacy: Ultra)

Using Tuggle's admin tools, you'll be able to email invitations. Only people who click a link in an invite email will be able to access the member sign-up form. This is ideal for a smaller organization where you know everyone involved or for those that have a formal membership process which makes it easy to know who is a new member.

All accounts include a FREE 30-day trial. You will not be billed until March 17. Should you cancel your account prior to that date, you won't be billed anything. No long-term contracts, no sign-up fee, no termination fee, cancel at any time. Your credit card is secure.

    Allows for up to 50 active members.

    Allows for up to 250 active members.

    Allows for unlimited active members.


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All product use is governed by the terms of service and privacy policy.

To comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, people younger than 13 will need parental approval to join your ministry's Tuggle account. Parental approval is handled by a form that looks like this. Your members will be directed to it only if they are of that age (determined by their birth date).

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Now we'll take you to the member sign-up form (the form you customized above). Everyone must complete it before logging into your ministry's Tuggle account.

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